With Home Turf Advantage you will receive the BEST quality, dependability, and professionalism. 

With Home Turf Advantage you will 

receive the BEST quality, dependability, and professionalism. Our provided services are: 






Why should I pay someone to clean my trash can and recycling bins when I can do it for next to free?

Dirty trash cans and recycling bins stink! After cleaning your cans and bins you have to clean yourself off from all of the back-spray and splashing of the dirty water and chemical that you had to use. Not to mention shoveling or raking up the gross pile of sludge that comes out of the can. So if you do it on the driveway, you might as well break out the pressure washer and clean the up the spot on the driveway. Whatever chemicals you used are not also all over the place possible affecting your lawn, shrubs, pets.....kids. We use commercial grade equipment to clean, disinfect and deodorize your bins using super heated water. We safely and responsibly disposing of the waste after we are done.

What neighborhoods do you serve?

We serve Green Bay, Ashwaubenon, DePere, Howard, Suamico, Bellevue, Parts of Town of Scott. If we are not currently servicing your area, send us an email and let us know you are interested. We are expanding rapidly and will be servicing your area soon!

How much does it cost?

We offer options to fit every budget. Pricing details can be found here.

My bins cannot be placed at the curb, can you still clean them?

Yes! We offer service for those clients who cannot or donot want to put their bins out at the curb. We retrieve bins up the driveway...side of the garage or other designated area. Bins will be cleaned and returned to your designated location. A flat fee of $5 per visit will be added to your regular bin cleaning charge. This fee is per stop not per bin, it’s just $5. NOTE: HTA Bin Cleaning technicians cannot enter garages or fenced in yards to retrieve bins.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. There are numerous ways to save money on our services! We have a Military and First Responder 10% discount. Neighbor/Referral Credit - if any of your neighbor or friends sign up, each receive a free second can cleaning. Sign up for any schedule of cleaning (monthly or quarterly), pre-pay for a year and receive free pick up and delivery in the winter.

How do you clean the bins?

We have custom built a truck mounted unit to wash bins with super heated water under high pressure. This unit picks up and sprays and cleans the interior of your bin with 200 degree water. The heated water cuts through toughest of dirty cans in minutes. This heated water is then captured, filtered of solid debris, and collected into a waste water container. We then spray the bin with disinfectant and/or air freshener

Do you clean bins for businesses?

Yes, any bin that we can lift with our machine we can clean. Any bins must be "built well". We use 200 degree water under immense pressure, poorly constructed can may be damaged. Contact us today to determine if we can clean what you need. Usually a texted picture is all we need to determine if it can be cleaned.

How often should I have my bins cleaned?

This is a personal choice and usually depends on where you store the bins, how much garbage or recycling you go through and the types of waste your are cleaning up. People who store their bins inside the garage and have to walk by them every day have them cleaned more often. Bins that have a lot of food or drink residue may want more frequent cleanings. We offer flexibility to clean your bins when you want them cleaned. Monthly and quarterly subscriptions and one-time cleaning options are available. You can get complete details here.

Do you use hazardous chemicals to clean my bins?

No! Our environmentally friendly process safely kills the harmful germs and bacteria living in your bins without hazardous cleaning agents. We will occasionally use a food-safe, biodegradable degreaser to remove stubborn stains or heavy grease that will not come off with 200 degree water. Our Cleaning Products are all Natural, Solvent-Free, do not contain VOCs, Fragrances, Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, EDTA, NTA or other hazardous ingredients. All cleaners are biodegradable & safe to use around children and pets.

Does the cleaning process waste a lot of water?

No. In fact, our process uses significantly less water than if you were to clean the bins yourself.

Sometimes I take my bins in early and don't leave them at the curb; will you still clean my bins?

Unless you have our steward service, please leave your bins at the curb.

What happens to the water that is used to clean my bins?

Cans a lifted and turned upside down and hover over the top of a collection tub. This allows are machine to collect and filter all waste water and place it in a used water tote. We remove and dispose of water at our facility, keeping any wash water out of storm water sewers.

What happens during the cleaning process?

First, we take a picture of each trash can and inspect for damage and debris. Second, we mount bin to lift and clean the exterior of the can is cleaned using high pressure, hot water and hose. Third, the lift inverts the trash can over a custom-built cleaning cleaning system containing multiple high-pressure nozzles and collection system. Fourth, we turn on the cleaning heads, using only 200°F high-pressure water, we remove the dirt and grime from inside the can. This simultaneously kills the germs and organisms. The contact surfaces of the trash can are then sprayed with a disinfectant and/or fragrance. Last the can is returned to you fresh, clean and safe.

How will I know when my bins are scheduled to be cleaned?

We will clean your bins the day after your normal trash day on the schedule you selected–monthly, quarterly, or one time. By doing this, we allow the trash companies to do their job even if they experience delays. We will send you a text message or email the day before your scheduled cleaning, reminding you to have your bins available.

What if I forget to leave my bins out?

If bins are accessible there will be a steward fee of $7.50 applied to your invoice. PrePay 8x customers will get one free steward service free of charge. If bins are not accessible an out of route trip charge of $10 may be added.

When will you start cleaning my bins?

Your bins will be cleaned the next time your neighborhood is scheduled. That could be a few days, up to a few weeks, depending on the time during the cycle that you subscribe. If you have an urgent cleaning needed, let us know and we can figure out something.

How will I know when you have finished cleaning my bins?

We take before and after pictures of all of our work. These pictures will be available in our app and our website, through our customer portal. We also can send a text or email after we have finished the service.

My bins were not spotless after my cleaning, why?

There are some things that we can not clean. Burns, melts, scratches, stains, such as dried paint or other chemical etchings into the plastic will not be removed by our process. With that said, your can should always be clean. If we fail to clean it we will come back free of charge and clean it again. If we can't clean it, we will pay someone to come and clean it for you.

We live in Florida for the winter or we will be on vacation during our scheduled cleaning. Can we pause our service?

Absolutely! Give us at least 24 hours notice if your bins will not be available for cleaning. If you know you will be out of town for extended periods during the year, let your salesperson know and they can custom work a schedule for you.