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When do you plan to cut my grass?

Customers are scheduled for service on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Spring Clean Ups generally start in March and are completed by the end of April. This can change from year to year depending when the snow and ice is melted.

How many times per year will you provide lawn care services?

Growing season in Northeast Wisconsin is approximately 32 weeks. Weekly mowing customers can expect about 26 cuts per year. We are usually able to skip cutting a number of weeks due to weather. Sometimes we skip because it is too hot while other we skip because its too cold.

Will you cut my grass if it is burned out?

No, cutting grass that is brown and dehydrated can cause stress. We will only cut if it is long enough to cut. We will not cut to simply put stripes in the lawn unless requested to do so. We may need to cut portions of the turf....maybe just the backyard or the side yards that may grow differently than other burned out portions of the yard.

What will you do with all of the debris you pick up from my yard?

We have two options - 1 - We leave it on-site in a compost area or leave it on the curb for your local municipality to pick up. 2- If you do not have a dump site available or "the city" doesn't pick up curbside, we have a disposal service. We may need to temporarily leave debris curbside for later pick up or may have enough room on the truck to immediately take it with us. We have secured a compost site that accepts compost and other natural debris.

We have a bunch of tress in our yard and they always drop sticks, will you pick them up?

Yes, we pick up sticks during lawn care services.  We build picking up sticks into our weekly cut price but there is a limit to how much we can pick up. Everything comes down to time. If picking up too many sticks becomes a problem...example you have a tree that is dieing...we may have to adjust pricing. If there is a windstorm and your yard is full of debris, extra will be applied at our standard hourly rate. 

I was charged a disposal fee, why?

When we have to take debris from your property and dispose of it off-site we charge a disposal fee. Disposal Fee covers processing, transportation and dump fees.

Where do you go with all of my grass clippings and leaf debris?

As a commercial provider there are limited locations that we can bring and dispose of compostable waste. Local municipalities have restricted use of compost sites in the area to property owners only. We have contracted a local private site to allow us to dump our landscape debris on their lot. Unlike municiple sites that accept brush, top soil, grass and leaf clippings, our site requires us to process our debris before we drop it off.

Can you tell me a date and time you provide lawn care services?

No, our schedules are always fluid. Mother nature and holidays create our schedule and we need the flexibility to deal with the variations. We try and deliver service on the same day every week. You can go to the client portal and see when your next service is scheduled but this is not set in stone.

What happens when my service date falls on a holiday?

We try to not work on as many holidays as possible. For major holidays Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, we push all work back one day. We schedule all work for Monday-Thursday but we do work on Fridays when we have holiday fall during the week. If we are extremely behind due to weather....we might even have to cut during the weekend. In 24 seasons, we have only had to cut on the weekend a handful of times.

How do you make it look so nice?

That is a hard question to answer because it is a combination great training, great equipment, and great people who work hard to make your property the best it can look. Home Turf Advantage has been around since 1999 and every year we learn something new to improve your properties image.

Your tech damaged my property, what should I do?
  • First we are very sorry that we damaged your property. Hopefully no one was hurt. Mistakes do happen and we will fix anything that we damage. Customers can log into the customer portal online or through our manage services app on your phone. 
How do I pay my bill?

We have a number of options to pay your bill. We require a credit card on file to start service. We have seasonal packages that include even monthly payments, one time online pay, auto billing after service, and prepay options. Contact your sales or billing rep to discuss your options.