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What is power washing?

Power Washing is the process of using large volume high pressure water to clean large objects with.

What is soft wash?

Soft Washing uses soaps and water to clean large objects. Pressure is usually around the same found in a typical residential home. Added pressure is only used to lift the water to hard to reach places. Soap does most of the cleaning action.

What is pressure washing?

Pressue washing uses high pressure water to cut dirt and grime from stubborn to clean areas. This combine with proprietary cleaning mixtures keep your concrete super bright and clean. Almost never use on fences, decks, siding or roofs.

Do you use harsh chemicals?

We do not use harsh chemicals. We have a list of all of our chemicals available for your viewing at any time. We also have full product labels and MSDS sheets for viewing.

What do I need to do before you come?
I have a lot of flowers, will you kill my flowers?

We will not kill your ornamental plantings. Do understand that we can not always clean as well as we would like to because we do not want to damage plants or have restricted access because of ornamentals.

When I rub up against my house, color from the siding ends up on my clothes. Can you fix this?

This is oxidation of your siding. It happens on all metal and vinyl siding over the years. This requires two additional steps to remove the oxidation. We need to brush all of the siding with brushes and rinse. After rinsing we apply another cleaning agent that helps rinse and remove the residue left. Right now we are testing a couple new products that will help lower the cost but testing results will be available next season. Total cost is about three times the average cleaning due to the large amount of hand brushing needed.

What if you fall off my roof?

We are fully insured and train for high angle safety.

Do you wash the windows so they don't have water stains when your done?

We squeegee all windows upon completion. Leaving them super clean.

What is gutter brightening?

We use a special product that enhances that shine of the gutters. We brush scrub the gutters for extra cleanliness. 

I got a price from your online estimator and it won't let me choose just roof?

All Roof cleaning has to have walls and windows done. There is too much streaking on the home after a roof cleaning to not clean the home. If we start at the top, we must finish at the bottom.

I only need a couple spots cleaned will you do it for a hundred dollars?

No, We only do whole house washes, no spot cleaning. We do not want to turn you down but this in not the product we want to leave behind.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam Cleaning is the combination of high pressure and high heat water that can cut through grease, gum and cleaning wheelie bins.