With Home Turf Advantage you will receive the BEST quality, dependability, and professionalism. 

With Home Turf Advantage you will 

receive the BEST quality, dependability, and professionalism. Our provided services are: 

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snow removal


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What is your service area?

We operate in the Green Bay, WI area. This includes Howard, Hobart, Ashwaubenon, DePere, and Green Bay, WI. If you're not sure if you're in an area that is covered, please get ahold of the office. This information can be found on "contact us" page.

How often do you plow during a single snow event?
What types of salt/ice-melt products do you use?
Do you have inventory of salt/ice-melt on-hand to guarantee the availability of it?

Yes, we do. We buy in bulk at the start of the season to ensure we have plenty of reserves for the year. If it's a rather harsh winter, we purchase even more inventory as a precaution.

Where will you pile my snow?
Can you haul away snow?
How will I be updated during a snow event of your progress?

For every single job we do, we take before and after pictures that you can view from the customer portal after we complete the job.

Do you have insurance?
My driveway and/or my walkways in rough shape. Will this cause any issues with snow?
Why should I hire you?

Our favorite question. Because we are the experts. All of our techs are trained extensively before each snow season. The reason we do this is to provide new hires with all the knowledge they need, and to give a good refresher to all current team members. We also match our top-notch safety and training guidelines with the top-notch equipment in the industry. All of this adds together to gurantee your satisfaction with our service.

What do you do if there are vehicles in the driveway/parking lot when you come?
Are they any days that you don't do offer service? Weekends/holidays etc.

No, we operate on a 24/7 schedule for these services. When snow flies, you can rest assured that an HTA crew will be there.

Do you have backup equipment/help?

Yes to each. We have a backlog of winter helpers that are available at any time. We also always keep a full truck (at the minimum) on stand-by in case of breakdowns or multi-day storms.