With Home Turf Advantage you will receive the BEST quality, dependability, and professionalism.

With Home Turf Advantage you will 

receive the BEST quality, dependability, and professionalism. Our provided services are: 


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Spring Clean-Up FAQS

Why do I need a Spring Clean-Up? Didn't you clean it in the Fall?

We did do a fall clean-up as well. However, during the last few months of winter, a lot of new debris has fallen onto your yard and landscape. Not to mention cleaning the thatch out of your lawn from the snow, as well as fixing any damage to the lawn from snow equipment.

Can't I just do it myself?

Some home owners do prefer to do the work themselves, but they aren't the ones on this thread. We can likely do a week's worth of hand labor in a few hours, and do it with extra attention to detail. The Spring clean-up sets up your lawn for the season.

Why should I choose you?

Our favorite question. Because we are the experts. All of our techs are trained fully on every step of the clean-up. We do take the time to do the detailing at the start of the year so your lawn and landscape looks great all season. The only other thing to add is our equipment. We are using the the best equipment the industry has to offer at this time, and we will be continously updating as the industry does.

How long will it take you to do a Spring Clean-up?

This varies greatly depending on the property. We can get your lawn dimensions from our measuring software, but we cannot see that state it is in. Especially if you're a first time client, we like to see the property in person to give an accurate estimate.

What happens if I don't get a Spring Clean-Up?

It will likely leave your yard and landscape in need of much more work as the season goes on. Leftover debris can cause weeds to grow and spread and even dead spots to appear in the lawn. Your landscape could become overrun by weeds as well. It is always best to have a clean lawn and landscape, and it's best to get at it right away in the Spring.

Do you haul away all debris?

Yes. We are able to haul away all debris. We have our own sucker truck that can dispose of any leaves, and plently of ways to remove downed braches from the winter time. Costs will vary.

I am a current client, I don't believe I received my final Fall Clean-Up before the snow came. Am I first up for a Spring Clean-Up?

Yes you are. You can't beat Wisconsin, the weather will never work how you want it to. Whether the snow flew early, or we just fell behind towards the end, we keep special tags on all clients who were not reached. You are our priority out of the gate in the Spring if we missed your last clean up in the Fall.