Footprint Fertilizers

DIY Fertilizers made for your lawn

Do you struggle to understand the fertilizer section at the hardware store?

Are you sick of storing unused  fertilizer in your garage? only to find it clumped up and unusable when the time is right to use it.

Do you buy a bag of fertilizer and not really know if it is going to work?

Do you know how to calibrate your fertilizer spreader or sprayer?

Did the company you hired not show up again?

Home Turf Advantage is developing a consumer friendly fertilizer and weed control option that takes the guess work out of the process of a good lawn. We are here to teach the importance of proper Mowing/Trimming/Edging/Fertilizer/Weed Control options available to you. I have been studying lawn maintenance for over 25 years and want to pass this knowledge on to you. The best lawns are maintained by in-house care takers. With the combination of my knowledge and new product offerings, I can have you maintaining your lawn with great detail and quality. People will think you have been doing it for years.

What We do

1. Measure the square footage of your lawn

2. Core Sample your soil and test for nutrient content and capacity

3. Custom Blend nutrients for your soil

4. Bag the amount specifically for your lawn

5. Deliver fertilizer when you need to put it on.

About Us

Home Turf Advantage is formerly a lawn and landscape maintenance company specializing in Lawn Mowing, Fertilization and Weed Control, Spring Clean-Ups, Fall Clean-Ups, Gutter Cleaning, Pet Waste Removal, Aeration, snow removal and small renovations. 

Starting in 2024 we have transitioned from services to products. After 25 years of maintaining properties for clients, I realized that we needed to change our business model and embrace the future. We will be creating and distributing our very own line of fertilizer and weed control products, as well as carrying a line of robotic lawn mowers to help maintain your property. 


Home Turf Advantage